Are Pesticides the only difference between organic and conventional foods?

You are standing in the natural/ organic aisle staring at the endless products screaming their little advertising asses off at you and realizing what is this all about? How can I decipher what is good for my family and what isn’t?

Is organic and natural the same? Do I need to choose organic foods or will I be cheating my family? I am going to try to allay your fears a bit and tackle this subject so you feel confident in shopping for your family.

Ready let’s venture into the realm of organics and demystify it.

To start a little history

The organic movement started in the 1940s, surprised? This is when the use of chemicals started to become the norm in farming post World War II. The organic movement received a boost when Rachel Carson published her book Silent Spring which explored the loss of the songbird and the over use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. During the 60s and 70s the “Natural” movement took hold and organic food was only found in health food stores. However, it really didn’t become defined until the 80s and 90s. That’s when the USDA set their guidelines for organic plants and livestock.

Let’s begin with the basics Continue reading “Are Pesticides the only difference between organic and conventional foods?”